The story of my handmade bears

How it all began

Jacqueline Miller from Lake District Bears

Hello and thank you for stopping by!  

I am called Jackie and I am fortunate to live in the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria, England with my family and two children. I have always been a creative soul and have spent my whole life sewing, painting, graphic designing and spending many years enjoying a whole host of paper crafts.       

Growing up I just loved teddy bears and was teddy bear crazy!. Now as an adult I am passionate about designing and making unique and collectible bears and spend many hours designing new patterns and putting my heart and soul into making each new bear.   I use good quality materials for all my bears and love it when their unique characters come to life.  As each bear is hand sewn and hand finished they are all different and are truly one of a kind.  I love making custom orders to allow people to create their own style of bear to suit their individual tastes.     

My handmade bears ship worldwide and I am fortunate to have wonderful international customers and  bear collectors from many different countries.

I try to make at least 2 new teddy bears for sale each month so please check my website again for my latest creations.... or why not come and meet me at a local craft fair or exhibition? 

Thank you very much for finding out more about me and my bears.        

Best Wishes